If your need is a boat that doesn't need major modifications , but it can be chosen from a standard production, the best choice is fiberglass.

aesthetic : If it comforts , aesthetics are important to you, fiberglass is the winner. Despite the latest technologies, that allow you to work with aluminum, in many ways, but some complex or very rounded shapes, it is difficult to make them in alloy. In this case, the best choice is fiberglass. If the need is a specific boat, with special devices on board, with special equipment, ease of repair, the choice is an aluminum boat ….

Resistence – Aluminum : in this case, aluminum is the winner. Compared to fiberglass, the breaking strength of aluminum is higher than 60% compared to fiberglass, with the same structural load. What for aluminum can be a deformation, one shot, on the fiberglass, it could cause serious breakage damage. Furthermore, ease of repair, even in the water (riveting and sheet sealant) makes aluminum prince for work boats or for professional use.

Prezzo: In general, professional aluminum boats are more expensive than fiberglass production, not for the price of the raw material, but because the boats are made to measure with a large number of working hours.

Repairs: Fortunately, both aluminum and fiberglass boats can be repaired. Damage to aluminum hulls will very often cause a dent. This can be easily fixed. More serious damage will need to be cut and replaced by an experienced aluminum welder, but it is less likely to occur. Fiberglass, on the other hand, it's not that forgiving and any major impact could cause a hole. The repair of fiberglass requires the assistance of an expert fiberglass repairer. The latter is likely to be a longer and more expensive process to repair.

Personalization : In general, aluminum boats are more customizable than fiberglass boats. This is because fiberglass hulls are built from a mold, therefore the shape of the boat is predetermined. As such most fiberglass boats have standard shapes and features. Most aluminum boat manufacturers have a wider variety of hulls available and options available. Therefore, if you want a boat for a specific activity, a suitable aluminum option is more likely to be found.

Maintenance : Aluminum requires very little maintenance other than the replacement of zincs. Maintain a fiberglass boat in perfect condition, it consists of much more care and attention, with a considerable economic expenditure over the years.

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